The true intention of pigeons: rule the world!

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What happened? Is this war?

You must have already realized that pigeons are getting more and more loose, right? They sit on our table in an open-air cafeteria, calmly cross a busy street, enter the most unusual places… Not to mention what they do when they see our newly washed car. Of course pigeons want to rule us! We humans are still free, but in Almerath, a faraway kingdom, the invasion has already begun. In the first contact with the creatures of the Kingdom of Pruuzharia, the people of Almerath believed that pigeons were peaceful beings, besides that was the message transmitted by them in the capital of the kingdom. But after seeing a small popcorn sack, they showed off their evil nature.

Well, I got to go now. I feel they are watching me… Before, I am going to leave the pictures and information I was able to gather below. Oh no! Pigeons just got in through my window! Why am I still writ… Cooo cooo coooooooo!!!


Many pigeons addicted to popcorn are going to chase you down, each one with a particular behavior!


Of course, we wouldn't leave you in the lurch. Shoot, explode and fight back with different weapons!


Unlock other areas of the level and find new weapons and upgrades to help you in the combat!

Have fun!

Ok, the world is being dominated by pigeons, why not make fun of this situation?

Pigeons Attack is a top-down shooter with combat elements whose goal is to survive to pigeons hordes and find the path to Kingdom of Pruuzharia, to defeat them for good. For this propose, you will count on upgrades and weapons around the level. Colect coins to unlock new characters and levels. Help fight this invasion, alone or with your friend!

Best Game

Pigeons Convention - 2016


A pigeon

"What a crazy day!"

Another pigeon

"Cool, but they didn't invite me"

A jealous goose


Jim, The Messenger

He is the least brave of the characters. He has came to the capital to deliver a letter and found out about the invasion with his own eyes. Without being able to freely run away, his only option was to face his fear and fight. He is an orange hair boy and wears a hood to stay warm in cold nights.


Common citizen of the Kingdom of Pruuzharia. During war or colonization times, it is the front line of the pigeons army. Due the fact it is not a combat specialist, run and chase the enemy is the only strategy it knows. But do not underestimate it, it is dangerous anyway, specially in group.

Explosive Pigeon

A common pigeon contaminated by a mysterious green magic. Its origin is unknown. It made a surprise appearance, it was probably hidden while the other pigeons pronunciation occurred. It is an extremely fast and nocive enemy. It explodes when approaches its target or is defeated.

Giant Pigeon

A big and strong pigeon who protects the main palace of Pruuzharia, as well the Popcorn Waterfall that exists in the Kingdom. It wears a popcorn sack as helmet. It is a slow but resistent enemy. It blocks the escape path of its targets, giving the oportunity to the other pigeons to chase them.

Mage Pigeon

A pigeon with predisposition to learn magic. In remote ages, the Pruuzharia's Popcorn Waterfall was more intense. Miracle popcorns used to flow throughout it. The same popcorns were able to heal the most cruel diseases, besides making stronger the spirit of those who ate them. Now, the Waterfall has lost its strengh and power, but the magic still remains in some pigeons linages.

Liz, The Warrior

Liz is a very brave farmer girl who enjoys playing with swords since she was a child, starting with a wooden one against her parent’s farm scarecrow. Her parents were selling the farm products in the capital at the invasion day. Not hearing any news from them, she decided to wear her armor and fight against the pigeons in order to rescue them.

A lot more to come


Images, screenshots and videos collected that proves the war. We are in danger!

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